Red, White and BOOM!

Me at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. A foreshadowing event? I think so!

Me at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. A foreshadowing event? I think so!

Red, white and BOOM! Just what the world needs…another blog. As fledgling and obscure as this may seem, my intent is that it will mirror the spirit of my adventure. Evolve, grow and take on a life of its own, but it has to start somewhere, right?

Made public on July 4th, 2013, Vicariously Through.Me celebrates life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in its most literal, non-governmental form. It acknowledges the right to be who you are, do what you want to do and to live life to its fullest without letting excuses and rationalizations get in the way.

For me personally, it commemorates my independence from the confines of the status quo. Having recently resigned my position and walked away from my corporate career, I’ve consolidated everything I own into a handful boxes and reduced my overhead (mortgage, rent and utility-free) to allow for an open-ended, nomadic journey for the soul.

By means of this albeit ambiguous collection of stories, thoughts and travels, my life is taking a new direction – a frivolous pursuit of freedom. But that is not to say it does not have a purpose. It does. And the value will be actively participating and paying witness to what my – no, our – higher calling turns out to be.

In the meantime, much like your Fourth of July celebrations, it will be filled with fireworks, food, festivals, family, friends, funk and most importantly FUN!

But, what it’s missing is you! It needs your eyes, but more importantly your thoughts if it is going to thrive. So if freedom, as it is described here, speaks to you and means as much to you as it does for me, I hope you’ll consider being a part of a renaissance and reformation in the making by sharing not only this, but your points of view.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day.

Go ‘Murica!